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XD ADJUSTABLE BRACKETS 0-15 Long (Double) 9102

XD ADJUSTABLE BRACKETS 0-15 Long (Double) 9102

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SKU: 9102

The XD Adjustable Brackets 9102 is part of our RacksBrax XD range.

The RacksBrax XD Adjustable Brackets (XD AB 0-15) have been designed for the RacksBrax XD Hitch and to provide a height adjustment range of 50mm (in 12.5mm increments). HD versions of this bracket to suit the RacksBrax HD Hitch are also available.

Adjustable Brackets adjust the height of the bracket (and accessory) to allow the top of the bracket (and accessory) to be set as low as possible without the accessory interfering with door openings (thus reducing headroom to the minimum possible).

The RacksBrax XD Adjustable Brackets have been specifically designed for the upright portion to fit the RacksBrax XD Hitch although may be used without an XD Hitch to fit accessories where mount points are at 120mm centres.

These brackets are supplied in LONG or SHORT foot versions (double and triple sets of either), each designed for a load of 20kg (44lbs) per bracket, subject to permitted roof rack loads.

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