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If you have people to move, we can help you move them..
We can customise your van to suit your exact needs. Whether that means a specific number of seats or a hybrid with folding seats and a track system for wheelchair tie-downs. As well as installing a hoist or a ramp.

Once the big decisions have been made it comes down to style. We have a large range of fabrics to choose from and can even incorporate company logos.

Interior lighting and a luggage compartment can be incorporated as well as an extra step plus grab rails to ensure the safety of your passengers as the enter and exit the vehicle.

Below is a 16 seat Mercedes Sprinter that we fitted out with leather seats

Van Accessories

Roof Racks

The team at Otago Auto Trimmers are gear heads just like you...

And when we couldn't agree on who made the best roof racks we decided the only responsible thing to do was to become agents for them all and let you, the customer, decide for yourselves. 
Please take a look at the the website or YOUR favourite and comeback to us with which product you'd like us to install.


Cargo and Animal Barriers

A cage barrier is a smart way of keeping cargo in its place, preventing it from crashing forward towards he driver and passengers in the event of a sudden stop or worse. Cargo barriers are made from commercial grade steel that has been powder coated for a rust resistant and professional finish. Each cargo barrier is designed to fit your vehicle. Cargo barriers are crash tested to ensure your safety.


Van Access

Improved access and stability for passengers can be safely provided with the use of handrails and steps.





Examples of other work we do:

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