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Otago Auto Trimmers can turn your Van into the ultimate work space..
Keep everything, from your largest tool to your smallest washer, safe secure and in its proper place. 
Tell us about the equipment you carry and we will use a unique combination of shelves, drawers and bins to keep it all in order.
We can also install a cargo barrier behind the cab to prevent injury from moving cargo in the event of an accident.


Versi Shelving

Versi bin shelving provides an organised and easy to access small parts storage solution, with a place for everything.
Versi Shelving consists of a galvanized steel frame and shelves for added durability. Our Versi bin shelving has 2-way roof bracing to prevent torn cant rails when mounted in the van.

Versi shelving units are available in range of shelf quantities.
There are a variety of different bin sizes available to suit your storage needs.


  • Max weight per Shelf: 35kg
  • Lengths: 1.0m, 1.4m and 2.0m


Vorta Shelving

The Vorta shelving range is designed for servicemen who need a stronger shelving system to carry heavier items. The shelves are compatible with the blue plastic bins from the Versi shelving range or can be used without the bins for larger items if required.

The Vorta units can be adapted to suit your needs with a flexible range of shelf options available – from bin shelves, to parcel trays, to drawers which fit into the unit.

Construction - Aluminium Frame. Galvanised steel Shelves.

  • Max weight per shelf - 60kg
  • Lengths - 1.0m, 1.4m, 2.0m

Van Drawers

Great for easy access to all your tools as both drawers slide out to the operator.
Rolaworx Drawers are a great way to organize your van and maximize storage capacity. Each drawer has a massive 400kg weight rating and incorporates an inbuilt braking system to slow the drawer every 300mm for operator safety. The front panel is also removable for ease of loading and unloading from your drawer.
​Rolaworx Drawers have a range of customisable options such as internal compartments, work tables, shelves and locking systems.
A light weight aluminium option (Photo on the right) with a 250kg weight capacity is also available.


  • 400kg Capacity per drawer
  • In-Built braking system
  • Comes standard with removable dividers and front panel
  • Wide range of sizes to suit most vans
  • Can be easily transferred to a new vehicle when the time comes
  • All Rolaworx drawers carry a Lifetime Warranty


Cargo Lifts

DHOLLANDIA offers an almost endless list of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical options to fine-tune the lift to the client's individual requirements. The most popular options involve:

  • Controls & ergonomics: various types of main external control boxes and auxiliary controls
  • Platform visibility: flashing platform lights and reflective platform flags
  • Load handling: roll-stops and hinged ramps for roll-cages, carts, pallet jacks and other wheeled cargo
  • Stability: hydraulic and mechanical stabilizing legs
  • Access: loading ramps for the sides and the outboard platform edge
  • Operator safety: safety rails and fall protection, anti-slip platform coatings and cover plates
  • Installation: quick-fit mounting solutions, plug & play connections
  • Independence: battery & charging systems
  • Finish: HOT-DIP ZINC PLATING, Protection PLUS or individualised RAL color schemes


The Rolaworx® Stack-a-Box is available in a total of 6 different combinations for efficient small parts storage. It consists of a sturdy steel framework fitted with steel slide out trays with Stanley organiser boxes. They fit into the tray and can also be easily removed and replaced.
The Stanley organisers are made of strong plastic with a polycarbonate lid and are also available in 2 options. The standard 25 compartment organiser as well as the deep 10 compartment organiser.
Each compartment is a strong removable box which makes it very easy to use. The stack-a-box can also be mounted in numerous positions in the vehicle or on a Rolaworx Drawer.
They can be mounted in numerous positions in the vehicle or on a Rolaworx drawer. Some servicemen prefer them roof mounted in utes, with access from lift up canopy windows. This allows for efficient use of space.


SAB22 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 288mm(H)
​SAB33 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 420mm(H) 

SAB23 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 288mm(H)
SAB34 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 420mm(H)

SAB32 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 420mm(H)
SAB35 – 485mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 420mm(H)

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