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Folding Seats

Mobility enhancement complements the range of mobility equipment with specialist range of mobility seating. The double side folding is designed for quick release mobility to enable maximum wheelchair capacity with passenger transport. Its cloth coverable durable material allows for less cleaning and lower maintenance, its lap and diagonal seatbelt provides the safety and comfort you need. Our single side-folding seat is fully certified to New Zealand Safety standards for your assurance.

 Turning Seat

The Turny seat ensures very easy vehicle access. This access solution eliminates hoist attachments to a car and allows the vehicle to be as normal as possible with a seat that is completely mobile for family and friends. It's as simple as placing yourself in the seat, pushing a button and driving to your destination. Its electric up and down sideways movement with a capacity of 150kg enables easy access into a SUV vehicle for wheelchair patient. This seat is EMC and crash tested along you to travel in style with minimal difference to your car seating. It has a professional, easy to clean look. It is available in fully electric or semi-electric based off your needs.

Booster Cushion

We can make up custom booster cushions and back support cushions to help make seats more comfortable and improve accessibility.  They are easily removed  being secured by straps.


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