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Sure Grip Featherlite

The Sure Grip Push Right/Angle hand control utilizes a short stroke design for acceleration. The hand controls the main body, and brake rod, are stationary when the accelerator is applied. The pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel, and only the handle moves. This stationary main body and brake rod improves leg and lap room, requires fewer dash modifications during install and provides a much smoother drive.
To operate simply push towards the dash for brake and then pull directly down towards your lap for acceleration.

  • Increased leg and lap room
    • The Sure Grip short stroke design means that only the handle of the control moves while applying throttle. This guarantees you can achieve full acceleration without the control impeding the driver's lap.
  • Greater two-handed contact with the steering wheel
    •  Due to the shortened stroke of the handle, the driver’s hand is never to far away from the steering wheel, allowing for two hand driving.
  • Limited modifications to the vehicle's dash
    • The stationary brake rod, during acceleration, on Sure Grips Push Right Angle hand controls limits the number of dash modifications required during installation.
  • Lock-Out Feature
    • All Sure Grip’s traditional hand controls come standard with a lockout mechanism. The lockout is an added safety feature for the driver or those that share the vehicle. By simply sliding a lever, the accelerator function of the hand control can be disabled. This helps prevent accidents through misuse of the control by mechanics, valets or any other unqualified user​.

In addition to the benefits enjoyed as a result of the stationary main body, drivers will also appreciate the other features that Sure Grip’s Push Right/Angle offers including:

  • Superior pedal feel, with constant acceleration and no “dead spots”
  • Lower fatigue while driving

Monarch Radial Hand Control

The above picture is of a mechanical Monarch Radial Hand Control, there is also an electronic model.  Due to its electronic interface, the electronic control features absolute minimal effort acceleration. (See video clip above) 
The smooth operating control of both the manual and electronic controls allow for miles and miles of relaxing trouble-free driving.
The brake is applied by pushing the operating handle directly towards the brake pedal, while the accelerator is activated by moving the operating handle toward the driver's seat, at a right angle to the brake movement. These movements are the least fatiguing. The brake and accelerator can be used separately or simultaneously, for example a smooth hill start.
Installation of the Monarch Hand Control requires a minimum amount of modification to the vehicle. This Hand Control can be used for either right- or left-hand operation.

Menox Hand Control

Menox is a universal floor-mounted hand control that moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control; pull for gas and push to brake. 

  • Ergonomical motion that conforms to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion
  • Highly adjustable to individual needs
  • Available in many colors to match your cars interior
  • Optional electrical controls in hand grip
  • Can be installed in most vehicles.
  • The electrical cables are concealed under carpeting and behind panels; no holes need to be drilled.
  • Recommended for use with automatic gearboxes only.

Left Foot Custom Built Accelerator

We can custom build a left foot accelerator for those persons with limited mobility in their right and /or foot.
The twin flip folding left foot accelerator as pictured allows the driver to control the accelerator by the left foot.  
​While in use the other accelerator pedal is flipped upwards out of the way.

Pedal Extension

The Menox Stamp extension brings the original pedals closer and can be installed in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Adjustments can be made for distance, height and the desired space between the pedals. They are also fitted with a quick release, enabling easy removal.


Steering Aids / Wheel Spinners

Steering wheel spinners help those with limited hand function and or strength to easily steer their vehicle and depending on the model of spinner operate such controls as lights, indicators and/or horn.


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