Vortex Fit Kit for Conduit Brackets (VACB)

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The VACB kit allows you to fit the BC2, BC3 or BC4 conduit Bracket to a Rhino-Rack Vortex Bar. The kit comprises of channel nuts and bolts for seamless installation. This Fit kit includes 2 x M8 T-Bolts, washers and nuts.


  • Provides hardware to fit Conduit Carriers to Vortex Bars. 
  • 2 x VACB required to fit BC2 Conduit Brackets.
  • 3 x VACB required to fit BC3 Conduit Brackets.
  • 4 x VACB required to fit BC4 Conduit Brackets.
  • Does NOT fit BC3-LSB Conduit Lower Side Bracket.

3-Year Warranty