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Swift Rooftop Tent 1400 IRTT0012

Swift Rooftop Tent 1400 IRTT0012

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The Swift 1400 is perfectly suited for larger wagons as well as Utes fitted with an alloy/steel canopies or appropriately rated tradesman racks. The Swift takes on the popular style of pop-up rooftop tent, which rather than unfolding and expanding out, the roof of the Swift simply hinges open in one quick maneuver.

The Swift 1400 is not suited to standard fibreglass and ABS Ute canopies due to its 230 x 140cm footprint but provides the ultimate in setup and pack-up simplicity while its strong extruded steel roof construction is suited to mounting up to 50kg dynamic load. The Swift 1400 comes with 2 x roof rails as standard equipment!

Additionally, the gas assisting roof struts are rated to up to 40kg additional operating roof load; perfect for mounting solar panels. The tent’s extruded aluminium perimeter T-slot channel is also perfect for mounting awnings, shower rooms and more.


The Swift 1400 features a 220 x 130cm mattress, at over 7 feet long, this bed is fit for a very tall king and is complemented by a high-density foam mattress and absorbing 3D anti-condensation mat for a total of 8cm of sleeping support and comfort. With a total open height of 163cm, there is plenty of internal headroom for sitting up for a game of cards or to simply get changed.

The sleeping quarters maintain optimal comfort thanks to the 23mm insulated roof panel paired with a 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton and a removable thermal roof liner not to mention the aforementioned 3D anti-condensation mat.

Access is available via any of the three windows/doors located on each side and the front of the tent. Each entry is complete with dual-layer 120gsm fine mesh and an internal poly-cotton screen. The front entry point is protected by a hooded awning.

Internally, you will enjoy the sewn roof organizer pockets perfect for storing books and keys as well as a clear PVC pocket for convenient mounting of your tablet for the occasional movie night! The area is complete with 2 x ventilation windows and power cord Inlets on both sides.


It really is as simple as unlatching the two clasps, a gentle shove of the lid and the two gas struts will promptly open the tent to its resting position. Expanding and attaching the 150kg rated collapsible ladder is quickly followed by installing the two awning rods and you are done!


As simple as it is set, you can be ready to hit the tracks. Remove the awning rods and attach the internal bungee strap which conveniently pulls in the tent sides as the top closes on the tent. Pull down the lid and then pack away the ladder and close the dual latches. You are ready to go.


Here are a few features not to forget about the Swift 1400.

  • Set up and pack down as simple as it gets
  • Extruded aluminum construction is suited for roof loads while the perimeter extrusion is suited for direct mounting of T-slot accessories
  • Maximised internal headspace over 150cm at the peak
  • An insulated roof, anti-condensation mat, large windows and additional mesh vents make for a luxurious abode


Gas Strut Assisted Hardlid  Yes

Transit Dimensions (mm)  2300 (L) x 1400 (W) x 190 (H)

Operational Dimensions (mm)  2300 (L) x 1400 (W) x 1630 (H)

Lid Construction Steel covered Aluminum extrusions with 23mm polystyrene insulated foam panel

Base Construction  Aluminum sheet & extrusions with honeycomb internal board

Frame  Extruded aluminum with reinforced nylon corners

Mattress Size (mm)  2200 (L) x 1300 (W) Double

Mattress Construction  Total 80mm thick 6cm non-deforming high-density foam plus 2cm 3D anti-condensation mat

Body Fabric  280gsm ripstop poly cotton

Fly Fabric  420D polyester

Waterproof Testing  2m water column

Window & Door Awning  Yes

Weight  88kg + (4kg incl roof rails)

Max Capacity  300kg

Ladder Construction & Rating  Collapsible Aluminium  |  150kg

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