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Motomuck Soap Gun Hose Connector (MMSFG-H)

Motomuck Soap Gun Hose Connector (MMSFG-H)

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This Hose connected Foam Gun is a great help for washing all your toys. Please note that this garden hose unit will not dispense nearly as much foam as the other High pressure models on our website.

It consists of a high quality hose connected trigger that is attached to a foam pot for your cleaning products.

This unit is made with high quality brass components and features a fully adjustable dilution valve on the foam pot.

Dilution ratios on dial are:

#0 - 10:1,  #1 - 20:1, #3 - 30:1,  #4 - 100:1,  #5 - 300:1

Choose the correct unit from the options in the drop down above. Please check carefully to ensure that you choose the correct fitment for your system, this is only a guide.

Package Includes:
1 x Hose connected trigger
1 x Duckbill Nozzle
1 x Plastic 1L Bottle
1 x Adjustable dilution attachment 


  • Heavy Duty design, ideal for car, boat, truck, bike
  • Solid brass construction of body.
  • Variable, adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation
  • Fully adjustable dilution ratio
  • Capacity: 100ml bottle
  • Requires click on garden hose connector

Step one:

  • Simply spray your product of choice over your vehicle and watch as it foams, lifting the dirt away from the surface of the vehicle.
  • The Foam clings to your vehicles exterior softening the dirt and grime that is stuck to the paintwork.

Step two:

  • Allow this to dwell for 5 minutes and then rinse off well, most of that dirt and grime should now have been removed.
  • If dirt is bad and you have used this as a Pre-wash, then the wash stage with a mitt or sponge will have hugely reduced swirls and scratches from abrasive material.

Please see our different Foam Gun application methods.

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