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Lan-cor ground anchor

Lan-cor ground anchor

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LAN-COR land anchors have been developed by a 4 wheel drive enthusiast who wanted a ground anchor that really worked for 4x4 recovery in most terrain. It has been tested in the field during 4 wheel drive club trips.


When venturing off road in your four wheel drive you really need a ground anchor you can trust, especially if you’re venturing out on your own.

Here at last is a ground anchor that really works.

Lateral thinking, extensive product testing and modification have produced the LAN-COR. A ground anchor you can really trust.

Gone are the days of heavy, bulky anchors that take up valuable space in your vehicle and only work in the lightest of applications. The LAN-COR is light weight, only 9kgs, and packs into a handy carry bag. But when you need it is easily unpacked and assembled into a strong, easy to manage anchor that once set in the ground is able to withstand enormous pulling loads in most terrain, and amazingly is at its best in sand. Field tests at the beach proved that the LAN-COR easily withstood the pull of two heavy long wheel base Toyota Landcruisers, both sunk in sand to the axles, winching themselves out at the same time off the same anchor.

Even if you’re on your own the LAN-COR is insurance against being stranded as the whole recovery can be comfortably carried out by one person. No extra tools or sledge hammer required.

So with your electric or hand winch the LAN-COR ground anchor is an essential piece of equipment you can trust.

Weight: 9kgs.
Size (when packed): Length – 46cm  Width – 20cm  Height – 17cm

Certified Load Rating to 5500kg (12000lb) SWL

Made in New Zealand

NATO NIIN: 982082824



LAN-COR Works in :

- Mud
- Sand
- Riverbeds
- Soil
- Snow

LAN-COR can be used with :

- Electric winches
- Block and tackle
- ‘Tirfors’ and other manual winches

LAN-COR is :

Lightweight – only 9kgs.

Compact - when packed into its durable carry bag it only measures 46x20x17cm.

A way for you to recover your vehicle by yourself.

Simple and quick to assemble.

Extendable shaft making it versatile to suit the terrain you're in.

Powder-coated for protection.

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