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A simple, yet effective solution is the 15L Gravity Solar Shower. Simply fill, rest in the sun for 2 -3 hours, hang and spray! This solar shower, while simple, with a little bit of Newton’s physics will provide a steady flow of warm shower water operated by a manual hand trigger. The included storage/carry bag provides organisation and convenience when travelling with your shower. The sizeable bag is easily filled in a nearby river and also features a built-in thermometer to ensure you don’t scorch your skin but get the most optimal temperature for your stunning sundown shower!


• Manual Hand Trigger
• Built-in Thermometer
• Long Hose Length
• Quick-connect Hose Fittings
• Wide Filling Point

Top Tip: For the best and most even flow, hang your shower as high as possible. With a long 190cm hose length, options are plentiful and if it suits you better the hose length can be trimmed and shortened to suit your preferred application