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Expedition134 Quick Release Straps Exp134-QRS

Expedition134 Quick Release Straps Exp134-QRS

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The Expedition134 QR (Quick Release) Straps are a dedicated Australia manufactured strap designed to work specifically with our external tie down points on the Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box.

Our unique design of the clip revolutionises securing your storage box, not allowing you to over tighten the straps, but at the same time making it a simple push of the clip to undo. No more fighting with ratchet straps that are a painful and often over tighten causing damage to gear. No more trying to undo a granny not your mate did who reckons he knows ropes.

We have incorporated a double J hook which fits tightly and securely into the Expedition134 box dedicated tie down feature.

A large ‘S’ hook at the other end gives you a good solid general size hook to suite a large range of tie down points in your vehicle’s wagon, ute, roof rack or canopy.

The Expedition134 QR Straps are made from Australia and New Zealand components which we have sourced to ensure they are strong and secure for your load.

With a load rating of 150kg each strap is more than capable of securing your Expedition134 4wd Storage Box.
We have ensured the webbing and stitching used is UV resistant so the strap and stitching will not fray and deteriorate in the sun and heat.

The Expedition134 QR Straps come in a set of four and reusable calico bag for easy packing and security.
Expedition manufacture these on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

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