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EliteDrive Smart Throttle (171) - ED-ST171

EliteDrive Smart Throttle (171) - ED-ST171

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Works for Isuzu- D-MAX ll (2012-Current), MUX (2012-Current) and others listed below

The Elitedrive Smart Throttle includes all the features you would look for from the most advanced controller on the market. Enjoy 9 real unique modes, and even throttle lock for added security.
Nothing will bring your vehicle to life and remove annoying throttle lag like this. 100% Plug & Play!


  • 9 Unique Driving Modes and 10 levels of adjustment for each
  • iAutomatic learns how you drive and adjusts response accordingly
  • Anti-Theft Throttle Lock for an extra layer of security
  • iPhone and Android compatible but works without App too
  • Simple DIY Plug & Play Installation
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Compatible Vehicles

Daihatsu- HIJET TRUCK (2014- Current), TERRIOS(J200/F700) (2006-2016), TERRIOS(F800) (2017-CURRENT)

Isuzu- D-MAX ll (2012-Current), MUX (2012-Current)

Lexus- ES240 (2006-Current), ES250 (2012-Current), ES300H (2012-Current) ES350 (2012-Current), GS (L10) (2011-Current), GS250 (4th GEN) (2011-Current), GS350 (GRL10) (2011-Current), GS430 (2011-Current), GX460 (2010-Current), GX400 (2012-Current), IS220 (2005-Current), IS250 (2006-Current), IS300 (2006-Current), IS350 (2005-Current), LM (2015-Current), LS460 (2007-Current), LX570 (2008-Current), NX SERIES (2015-Current), RX (AL10) (2008-2015), RX (AL20) (2015-Current), RX200T (2005-2017), RX270 (2012-Current), RX300 (2018-Current), RX350 (2010-Current), RX450H (2010-Current), RC350 (2014-Current)

Scion-iA (2013-Current), iM (2012-Current), iQ (2012-Current), tC (2005-2016), xD (2008-2014)

Mazda- BT-50 4JJ3 3.0Litre engine (2020-current)

Toyota- 4Runner (N280) (2009-current), Alphard (AH20) (2008-2015), Alphard (AH30) (2015-current), Altis (2006- current), Aurion (XV40) (2006-2012), Aurion (XV50) (2012-2019), Auris (E150) (2006-2012), Auris (E180) (2012- 2018), Auris (E210) (2018-current), Avensis (T250) (2009-2018), Axios (2006-current), Belta (2006-2016), Blade (2006-current), Camry (XV40) (2006-2012), Camry (XV50) (2012-2019), Camry (XV70) (2017-current), Corolla E140/E150 (2006-2012), Corolla E160/E170 (2012-2018), Corolla E180 (2018-current), Crown (S180) (2003-2008), Crown (S200) (2008-2012), Crown (S210) (2012-2018), Crown (S220) (2018-current), Estima (XR50) (2006-current), Fielder (2006-current), Fortuner (AN150/AN160) (2015-current), Hiace (H300) (2019-current), Hilux (8th Gen N80) (2015-Current), Hillux Revo (2015-2020), Hillux 2020 Model (2020-current), Innova (AN140) (2015-current), IST (XP110) (2007-2016), Kluger (XU40) (2007-2013), Kluger (XU50) (2013-current), Highlander (XU40) (2007-2013), Highlander (XU50) (2013-current), Landcruiser (LC200) (2007-current), Landcruiser (VDJ76/78/79) (2007-9/2009), Landcruiser (VDJ76/78/79) (9/2009-current),Marx X (X130) (2009-2019), Matrix (E140) (2009-2014), Noah (R80) (2014-current), Prado (J150) (2009-current), Previa (XR50) (2006-current), Prius (XW30) (2010-2015), Prius (XW50) (2016-current), Rav 4 (XA30) (2005--2016), Rav 4 (XA40) (2012-2018), Rav 4 (XA50) (2018-current), Sequqia (XK60) (2007-current), Seinna (XL30) (2010-current), Tacoma (N300 3rd Gen) (2016-current), Tarago (XR50) (2006-current), Tundra (XK50) (2007-current), Urban cruiser (XP110) (2007-2016), Vanguard (2007-current), Vellfire (AH20 2nd Gen) (2008-2015), Vellfire (AH30 3rd Gen) (2015-current), Verso (2009-2018), Vios (XP90) (2007-2013), Vios (XP150) (2013-current), Vitz (XP90) (2005-2011), Vitz (XP130) (2011-current), Wish (AE20) (2009-2017)), Yaris (XP130) (2011-current), Yaris (XP150) (2013-current)

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