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EliteDrive Throttle Master (171) - ED-TM171 Toyota Revo

EliteDrive Throttle Master (171) - ED-TM171 Toyota Revo

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Works for Isuzu- D-MAX ll (2012-Current), MUX (2012-Current) and others listed below


10 Adjustable throttle settings across each mode

The Elitedrive Throttle Master includes all the features you would look for from one of the most advanced controllers on the market. Enjoy 9 unique driving modes and a throttle lock feature for added security.
Nothing will bring your vehicle to life and remove annoying throttle lag like an Elitedrive Throttle Controller. 100% Plug & Play!



  • 9 Unique Driving Modes and 10 levels of adjustment for each
  • iAutomatic learns how you drive and adjusts response accordingly
  • Unique One Touch Overtake Boost for Maximum Performance
  • Anti-Theft Throttle Lock for an extra layer of security
  • Simple DIY Plug & Play Installation
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Compatible Vehicles

Daihatsu- HIJET TRUCK (2014- Current), TERRIOS(J200/F700) (2006-2016), TERRIOS(F800) (2017-CURRENT)

Isuzu- D-MAX ll (2012-Current), MUX (2012-Current)

Lexus- ES240 (2006-Current), ES250 (2012-Current), ES300H (2012-Current) ES350 (2012-Current), GS (L10) (2011-Current), GS250 (4th GEN) (2011-Current), GS350 (GRL10) (2011-Current), GS430 (2011-Current), GX460 (2010-Current), GX400 (2012-Current), IS220 (2005-Current), IS250 (2006-Current), IS300 (2006-Current), IS350 (2005-Current), LM (2015-Current), LS460 (2007-Current), LX570 (2008-Current), NX SERIES (2015-Current), RX (AL10) (2008-2015), RX (AL20) (2015-Current), RX200T (2005-2017), RX270 (2012-Current), RX300 (2018-Current), RX350 (2010-Current), RX450H (2010-Current), RC350 (2014-Current)

Scion-iA (2013-Current), iM (2012-Current), iQ (2012-Current), tC (2005-2016), xD (2008-2014)

Mazda- BT-50 4JJ3 3.0Litre engine (2020-current)

Toyota- 4Runner (N280) (2009-current), Alphard (AH20) (2008-2015), Alphard (AH30) (2015-current), Altis (2006- current), Aurion (XV40) (2006-2012), Aurion (XV50) (2012-2019), Auris (E150) (2006-2012), Auris (E180) (2012- 2018), Auris (E210) (2018-current), Avensis (T250) (2009-2018), Axios (2006-current), Belta (2006-2016), Blade (2006-current), Camry (XV40) (2006-2012), Camry (XV50) (2012-2019), Camry (XV70) (2017-current), Corolla E140/E150 (2006-2012), Corolla E160/E170 (2012-2018), Corolla E180 (2018-current), Crown (S180) (2003-2008), Crown (S200) (2008-2012), Crown (S210) (2012-2018), Crown (S220) (2018-current), Estima (XR50) (2006-current), Fielder (2006-current), Fortuner (AN150/AN160) (2015-current), Hiace (H300) (2019-current), Hilux (8th Gen N80) (2015-Current), Hillux Revo (2015-2020), Hillux 2020 Model (2020-current), Innova (AN140) (2015-current), IST (XP110) (2007-2016), Kluger (XU40) (2007-2013), Kluger (XU50) (2013-current), Highlander (XU40) (2007-2013), Highlander (XU50) (2013-current), Landcruiser (LC200) (2007-current), Landcruiser (VDJ76/78/79) (2007-9/2009), Landcruiser (VDJ76/78/79) (9/2009-current),Marx X (X130) (2009-2019), Matrix (E140) (2009-2014), Noah (R80) (2014-current), Prado (J150) (2009-current), Previa (XR50) (2006-current), Prius (XW30) (2010-2015), Prius (XW50) (2016-current), Rav 4 (XA30) (2005--2016), Rav 4 (XA40) (2012-2018), Rav 4 (XA50) (2018-current), Sequqia (XK60) (2007-current), Seinna (XL30) (2010-current), Tacoma (N300 3rd Gen) (2016-current), Tarago (XR50) (2006-current), Tundra (XK50) (2007-current), Urban cruiser (XP110) (2007-2016), Vanguard (2007-current), Vellfire (AH20 2nd Gen) (2008-2015), Vellfire (AH30 3rd Gen) (2015-current), Verso (2009-2018), Vios (XP90) (2007-2013), Vios (XP150) (2013-current), Vitz (XP90) (2005-2011), Vitz (XP130) (2011-current), Wish (AE20) (2009-2017)), Yaris (XP130) (2011-current), Yaris (XP150) (2013-current)

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