Commercial Bull Bar (Toyota Hilux 2018+)

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The Ironman 4x4 bull bar to suit the Toyota Hilux Revo-Rocco has been crafted to enhance its overall look and performance. Improved approach angles ensure more clearance on the tracks and the full bumper replacement design allows quick and easy installation.

Stand out looks were essential when designing the bar. Sculpted with multi-fold edges on the body create a unique and well synced design that matches with the vehicle.

All bars have a full complement of features including airbag & winch compatibility, spotlight & aerial mounts and high lift jack points.


Quantity Required: 1
Notes: Compatible to suit wide body models only, Hi-rider - 4x2 SR & SR5 / Dual Cab 4x4 - Workmate, SR & SR5 / Extra Cab 4x4 - Workmate, SR & SR5
Warranty: 1 Year