Mits Alloy Trays and Canopies

This is the home of

Here in New Zealand. 

Why would you look elsewhere for the best of the best Trays and Canopies that have been tried and tested, bush bashed in some of the harshest environments.

Made in Australia with some of the best technology including Fulcrum technology. Imported in New Zealand by 4x4Offroadsolutions based in Otago.

Specializing in aluminum trays and canopies, MITS Alloy is based out of Newcastle NSW. Stylish yet simplistic designs, modular internal arrangements and a wide variety of options means there’s something for both tradespeople and 4WD enthusiasts. Our highly skilled team are dedicated to delivering top quality products and great customer service. Our unique modular design allows you to build your ultimate touring rig or tradie vehicle.

We bolt our canopies to our trays through our unique rubber mounts. We do this for peace of mind. The bolts can be removed easily.


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